Is Your Real Estate Agent Responsible?

As a realtor in a very active market I often think that I have seen it all when suddenly another situation arises that literally takes me by surprise. After ten years in the business and handling seven to twelve million dollars worth of property each year you would think nothing could surprise me anymore. I was wrong.

You may wonder how much responsibility does your real estate agent bear in a transaction. To figure it out you should take consideration to what your agent could possibly know about the transaction. Do they own the home you are buying? Most likely they do not own the home so are they expected to know everything or even anything about the integrity of the home or how it was built? How could they know this information? They may know a builders reputation and can advise you according to the information they may know about the builder but every builder can easily have built a lemon. Just like any car, you could be buying one that is less than perfect.

Understand up front that your realtor is showing you many homes and there is no way that they can represent the integrity of the home. I literally sold a home that was a short sale fifteen months ago which was a short sale and the buyer agreed to buy the home in its current condition. Naturally, they were advised to have a full inspection and they complied. There were issues on the inspection that they knew about but accepted the home knowing the items that needed to be repaired.

The purchase went through with my representation on all the necessary paperwork and everything handled professionally all the way until the end of a long short sale process. The realtors responsibility is to be sure that buyer and seller come together to an agreed purchase amount, inspections are advised and done, all legal paperwork is done correctly and all parties are happy with the transaction. This was the case in this particular sale.

As the realtor, I understood my clients were thrilled with their new home and they were in the process of making some changes to the home to make it their own. All seemed to be great as far as everyone was concerned.

After fifteen months later I receive an email that the buyers wife was very upset with some things with the home. She literally accused me of selling her a lemon of a home and that I should lose my license and be sued. I was in shock, I never heard anything from them beside how happy they were with this gorgeous home. I knew that I had done everything honestly, with care and integrity so I began to investigate. Apparently, the one buyer was unhappy with things after the fact, contractors installing new flooring which has nothing to do with the sale of the home or my representation. The accusations were so unfound in fact, the other spouse did not know of these accusations and was appalled by the other spouse and their unfounded accusations and deeply apologized to me. The home apparently had a couple minor issues but nothing to make it a bad purchase.

Understand, that your realtor cannot possibly know every home they are assisting you with a purchase or even know the history of a home they are selling. We are here to do our job bringing buyers and sellers together and making sure all steps are taken to make it a good fair deal and paperwork, inspections, closing and disclosures are all in good order.

Read your paperwork, you are signing releases against your agent and broker on the integrity or building codes as well as various other things to do with the home. They do not represent the home itself, they represent you. Like anything that you purchase, you do not blame the salesperson if the product has problems after you begin using it, it is the manufacturer that is responsible for the item.

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Source by Nancy Niblett

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