Realtors- Your "About me" page is a Marketing Tool

How does your „About me“ page sound? Warm and friendly, or cold and professional?

You are a professional, and you do want to let that be known, but the attitude and tone you convey on your bio page could mean the difference between getting a client or being passed over.

Your real estate prospects want to know they are dealing with a real person – one who has a life outside of real estate. They want to know that you care about more than just banking commission checks. So tell them.

Obviously, there are some things, such as politics and religion, you should not mention unless you want to limit your clientele to like-minded individuals. But other details about you make you more human and give your real estate prospects a way to connect with you.

For instance, if you have children and are involved with their sports or other school activities and hobbies, other parents will see you as caring and responsible. If you care for elderly parents, others who do the same will feel a connection – and know that you understand their housing needs.

If you volunteer for a worthy cause and that cause happens to interest them, they’ll see you as „like them.“ If you belong to Elks or Rotary or some other service group, they’ll see you as a community leader – and if they happen to belong to the same group, you’ll have an instant rapport.

Mention your hobbies, as well. We all like to spend time with people who share our interests, and your real estate prospects are no exception. Animal lovers are especially happy when they find someone who shares their passion.

The funny thing is, they may not even consciously realize that’s why they chose you. They’ll just know that after reading a few Realtor web sites you look like the person they should call.

You should also mention how long you’ve lived in the community and/or where you grew up. Sometimes customers and clients choose an agent not because of what they know about the local community, but because of where they lived before.

Here in North Idaho we have a large influx of people from California – and often those customers prefer to work with an agent who moved here from California rather than one who has always lived here.

Copywriters aren’t limited by geography – we have clients from all over the U.S., Canada, and even from overseas. So it was interesting this week to read about a copywriter who was chosen for an assignment because she was from Minnesota. The client no longer lived there, but had grown up there, and that connection tipped the balance between her and another writer.

I spend a lot of time nagging at Realtors just to get them to put their names on their home pages – so if you go one step further and create a bio page that serves as a marketing tool, you’ll be head and shoulders above the crowd.

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Source by Marte Cliff

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