Selling Real Estate – 9 Tips For Showing Your Home To Potential Buyers

You may have lived in your current home for years and it may be as comfortable as an old sweatshirt, but when it’s time to show off your property to potential buyers, it’s normal to feel nervous. Buyers will want to walk into your home and peek everywhere to get an idea of the property. You don’t have to stress out when showing your home to potential buyers, though. Follow these nine expert tips to create a great impression:

1) Have a plan of where you’ll be.

If an agent is showing your home, take your children and pets and plan to be absent from the home. Potential buyers will not want to discuss your home in front of you and may feel awkward about opening doors or having a good look around. Of course, if you are selling your home yourself, you will have to show the property. In this case, practice a warm greeting and plan on giving potential buyers free reign while you excuse yourself to another part of the house for a few moments.

2) Make the price attractive.

Most buyers consider price first. No matter how much you love your property, when you are showing your house potential buyers may want to bargain.

3) Maximize your curb appeal.

When showing your home to potential buyers, be aware that the buyer’s impression of a property begins well before the front door. Make your entrance as pleasant as possible. Rake the leaves, mow the lawn, and clear the snow. The front door or porch should be perfectly scrubbed and free of clutter. If it’s dark, light up the entrance as attractively as possible.

4) Make sure your home is tidy.

Clean scrupulously and ruthlessly get rid of clutter. It’s not too extreme to get rid of as much as possible and put any excess items into storage. A month or two of storage will not cost much and will help make the best possible impression on home buyers. Consider a fresh coat of paint and a professional cleaning service, if possible. At the very least, touch up the paint and do the most thorough cleaning you can do yourself.

5) Keep everything in the home functional.

Go through your home and open and close every drawer, door, cabinet, and cupboard. Flip every light switch. Everything in your home should work perfectly or potential home buyers may get the impression that your home is not in good repair.

6) Adjust the temperature.

Forget about your ideal temperature. Make sure your home is cozy warm in the winter and cool and inviting in hot weather. When showing your home, this lets potential buyers see that heating and cooling systems work well.

7) Look out for scents.

A pleasantly scented home is a must when showing a property but avoid spraying the property with any perfumes or air fresheners. Far too many people are allergic to scents, and it goes without saying that you will lose the sale if a possible buyer breaks out in hives because you sprayed scent a little too enthusiastically. Instead, consider simmering cinnamon in water or baking bread or cookies just before buyers arrive. Make sure the treats are available for buyers to munch on as they browse. If you live in a quiet neighborhood, you may simply choose to leave a few windows open to let in fresh air.

8) Get someone to do a walk-through.

Have them pretend they are the buyer. Make sure they ask you lots of questions, give your home the sniff test and open every drawer, faucet, and door. It’s amazing what an impartial observer will notice.

9) Make your home appear as large and bright as possible.

Remove as much as possible from your closets and storage areas – without leaving your home looking bare. If you are repainting for the showing, be sure to repaint in a shade that is slightly lighter to create the impression of light. Consider leaving curtains open or additional lamps lit when showing your home to potential home buyers – buyers like to see a home that is airy and light.

Showing your home to potential buyers can feel a little like a blind date. With these tips, though, you will be able to rest a little easier. While each step may seem like additional work, it will pay off when a buyer turns to you and says „we’ll take it!“

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