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Consider yourself in a situation when you are faced with an unenviable predicament of not finding any option to selling off your house or any other property to protect your sale chain, pay off divorce liabilities or loans accruing due to other reasons. In any such situation, you may be under pressure to move or in need of immediate cash.

Selling through Estate Agents

One way to sell your house is to approach an estate agent, but you want immediate cash and in this case the estate agent will take his own time to find a suitable buyer. The solution, therefore, lies in contacting cash buyer of your house.

Who are Cash Buyers?

A cash buyer is a broad term. It includes property traders, investors and developers. Cash buyers of your house can buy your house within a specified time. They ensure the sale of your house with speed and a high degree of certainty. They take the pressure off your heart and you can sleep peacefully.

Short Time Sale

Cash buyers can buy your house in a matter of days, say, between seven to twenty one days only. You can get a reliable verbal offer within just forty eight hours. This would assure your lender and the pressure for payment on you would be eased.

Cash buyers do not need to hire the services of property experts to assess the value of your property. They are not the type of buyers you get through the estate agent who keep messing around your house. They themselves are expert property assessors and business men. They are business like and take the decisions immediately. This is their hallmark that differentiates them from the estate agents.

Assessment of your Financial Needs

You may be compelled to sell your house just to meet a small time financial urgency. In such situations the cash house buyer will try to understand why you want to sell the house and structure your financial requirements accordingly. He will pay you immediately what you want. May be he will pay off your mortgage liabilities or other pressing payments as part of the transaction.

How do the Cash Buyers Arrange Huge Finance at Short Notice?

Usually the cash home buyers do not have huge amounts of cash in their bank accounts so they can come rushing to your house with the currency notes. They arrange loans from the banks or other financial agencies to pay for your house. Moreover, it is not permitted under the UK laws to make direct cash payment in property sales transactions. They payments have to be made through cheques and the deeds have to be finalized through solicitors.

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